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Virtual Travel Group

Issue #1

After an extremely busy few weeks,  I am beginning to get the site sorted (at last)  Then, as soon as I publish a website of a Virtual Airline, one of the real airlines changes its livery.  So in compliance with Monarchs new change, Monarch Virtual will change as well

Virtual Travel Group News

Air 2000

Nothing has changed within the last week within Air 2000 Virtual

Britannia Virtual

I have been advised to contact Britannia over the controversial Virtual Airline.  They have replied to me stating that they ask people 'not to mirror Britannia Airlines' as they have spent time building their name and reputation and they do not wish this to be damaged in any way.  I am continuing contact with Britannia in order to attempt to stop them from closing Britannia Virtual down.

British Midland Virtual

Nothing has changed within the last week within British Midland Virtual

JMC Virtual

Nothing has changed within the last week within JMC Virtual

Monarch Virtual

Monarch Airlines now sport a new livery so, So will Monarch Virtual.  Lewis Lynch has already created a high quality repaint of the 757.  This will be added to the fleet pages that are still under construction

My Travel Virtual

Just a reminder that the Airtours livery is still worn by some My Travel aircraft allowing My Travel Virtual pilots to fly Airtours aircraft as well.

Air Lynch Virtual Airlines Opens

You guessed it, our fleet managers very own virtual airline.  Air Lynch Virtual Airlines has 5 aircraft (all downloadable), 4 A320's and an A321.  Lewis Lynch is expecting an A330 to be delivered soon.  Air Lynch Virtual travels from Manchester, Gatwick and Southampton to European destinations.  The A330 is to fly to the Caribbean and the USA.  Discussions are to be held over the entry of Air Lynch Virtual into the Virtual Travel Group.

East Midland Virtual Airport

All 6 airlines have become part of East Midlands Virtual Airport.  British Midland Virtual will also become a part in Heathrow Virtual Airport when it opens in September.

Manchester Airport Virtual

Manchester Virtual Airport is due to open in April.  All airlines will be involved in this airport