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Virtual Travel Group

Information about the Virtual Travel Groups' A321's

At the Virtual Travel Group, some airlines opperate the A321. We use these aircraft to operate our short-haul flights to European destinations, in an all economy service. The 3:3 seating arrangement, and the state of the art inflight entertainment system offer passengers a comfortable and enjoyable journey with us. 


Inflight Enterainment

Drop down TV's onboard our A321 offer passengers constant entertainment throughout the flight. Passengers also have a choice of twelve radio channels, which are controlled from the panel on the arm rest's.

Aircraft Information

Range 3,115 miles / 5,013km
Engines Two IAE V2533-A5 (33,000lb Thrust)
Cruise speed Mach 0.82
Service ceiling 39,000ft / 11,890m
Length 146ft / 44.51m
Cabin length 113ft 3ins / 34.44m
Cabin width 12ft 1ins / 3.70m
Wing span 111ft 10ins / 34.09m
Height 38ft 7ins / 11.76m
Maximum take-off weight 205,030lb / 93,000kg
Fuel capacity 7,790 US Gallons / 29,500 litres
Flight crew Two
Cabin crew Six

Airlines that use the A321





Information supplied by Lewis Lynch, Fleet Manager