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Virtual Travel Group


25/07/2002-bmibaby virtual announced
bmi british midland virtual is delighted to announce the birth of its new no frills airline, bmibaby virtual, which was born today at East Midlands Virtual Airport. The babys birthday suit will be unveiled at an official launch promotion.

The party will be hosted by bmibabys new guardian and managing director, Jordan Rozario, who said:

I am thrilled to be responsible for bmis virtual new offspring and have been delighted by the overwhelming response from the public, that we have had to our announcement, launching the East Midlands own no frills airline. Indeed the response has been so great, I am extremely confident that we will be able to extend even further, our range of destinations on offer, through our ability to bring further aircraft into the fleet of bmibaby.

I am also looking forward to the competition that bmibaby virtual will bring to the East Midlands. Indeed, I fully understand why other airlines will be throwing their toys out of the pram.

Their disappointment must surely be because their desperate attempts to pre-empt our own plans, with an announcement of unspecific promises of phantom services at East Midlands Airport, did not thwart our own long held ambition to launch a no frills airline.

Ben Guest, Chief Executive Officer of bmi British Midland Virtual , also commented:

I am delighted to be able to announce the appointment of Jordan Rozario as managing director of our new no frills airline and am confident that he is ideally suited to this new role. Jordan has a wide range of experience in the airline industry, most recently as our HUB Manager, which he will still maintain. We are committed to providing genuine competition to consumers in a wide range of markets, including the niche market of no frills travel. bmi british midland virtual, at the same time, maintains its commitment, as a full service airline, to the development of our services in Europe and to the USA, particularly from our main operating hubs at Heathrow and Manchester.

bmibaby will be flying a dedicated fleet of Boeing 737-300 aircraft and serve an extensive range of key leisure destinations, including high frequency services to Barcelona, Nice, Palma, Malaga, Faro and Alicante. Other routes will be anounced soon.

23/07/2002-New Airline Announced
bmi british midland virtual announces the launch of a new no frills airline

bmi british midland virtual today announced a major initiative launching a new no frills airline based at East Midlands Virtual Airport. The new airline will have a separate name and corporate identity from bmi british midland virtual, which will continue to operate and develop as a full service international scheduled carrier.

The new airline will fly a dedicated fleet of Boeing 737 - 300 aircraft and serve an extensive range of key leisure destinations from East Midlands Airport, including high frequency services to Barcelona, Nice, Palma, Malaga, Faro and Alicante. Services will commence on September 18th.

Frequencies and further routes will be announced shortly.
Jordan Rozario, bmi virtual and EMA virtual director responsible for the new airline, said:

bmi virtual is launching this new airline in response to a clear market opportunity and consumer demand. We have been operating from East Midlands Airport for many years and we are delighted to increase our commitment to the Airport and the region through the creation of this new no frills carrier.

The new airline is an independent and valuable addition to the bmi family and we believe it will have a long and successful future.

With the launch of this new airline, bmi will have a strong presence in both the no frills and full service airline sectors.

10/07/2002-New Pilot
I would like to say hello to our newest pilot Lewis Evans who joined the company today.  I expect Lewis to fly many flights in a long career with the Virtual Travel Group

22/06/2002-Minor Website Changes
You may notice that the navigation bar at the top of the page has reduced in size.  This is ude to the links to the airlines, schedules and fleet have been moved into the Crew centre.  The Crew Centre layout has changed to accomodate these additions. 

21/06/2002-Holiday Shop.
The Virtual Travel Group is looking to open a section on the website called the holiday shop.  This is where virtual holiday makers can book flights and holidays.  This system should hopefully be operative by September.

21/06/2002-Schedules Manager
The Virtual Travel Group desperately requires a schedule manager.  Any persons interested in this job should fill in an application form at the Join us page and in comments tell us how the work will be completed and how long it should take.

21/06/2002-New Members
We have 2 more members.  Jordan Rozario is the HUB manager of East Midlands and is also preparing a new virtual airline to enter service with the Virtual Travel Group later this year.  Andrew Tilston is another pilot who has joined us and shall start flying in the near future.  Good luck to these new pilots.  Don't forget we are always looking for new pilots so pass the word around to fellow Pilots.

21/06/2002-England Out
As you probably know, England have been defeated by Brazil 2-1.  British Midland Virtual have announced that the flight shall return from Tokyo to Manchester and Heathrow on the 22nd of June.  The flight departs at 10:00 GMT in the A330.  Well done boys, you've made us proud.

08/05/2002-Vice CEO
The Virtual Travel Group now has a Vice CEO.  Jon Ellison, the former President of Virtual JMC, has joined the Virtual Travel Group.  Jon will assist me and will take executive decisions along with the rest of the Senior Management Team members.  Mark Russell has also signed up to become a Pilot.  This is his first Virtual Airline.

24/04/2002-Fleet Pages Complete
Thanks to our Fleet Manager, Lewis Lynch, I have been able to create the the remaining fleet pages.  All fleet pages have been updated

23/03/2002-Air Lynch Virtual Airlines
Yep, you guessed it, Lewis Lynch, the Fleet Manager at the Virtual Travel Group, has created his own Virtual Airline.The airline has 5 aircraft with one one the way.  All aircraft are downloadable from his site.  There are 4 A320's and an A321.  Lewis is awaiting the delivery of an A330