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bmibaby Virtual
Virtual Travel Group

Welcome To

 Welcome to the Virtual Travel Groups newest airline, bmibaby virtual.  The East Midlands based virtual airline is the first low cost virtual airline to enter service with the group.

The virtual airlines fleet is made entirely of 737s.  They operate from East Midlands serving Europe.  Destinations include Barcelona, Ibiza and Prague.

The idea of entering a virtual low cost airline into Virtual Travel Group service has been in front of Ben Guest mind for a while but it took the push of Jordan Rozario to put the plan into action.  Jordan was later made the CEO of bmibaby virtual and is now in constant contact with the CEO of the Virtual Travel Group.  After opening on the 30th July 2002, Ben Guest received a few emails congratulating the CEO on the airline.

The airline will be a long serving member of the Virtual Travel Group providing Pilots with short, enjoyable routes thus taking little of their busy time and yet increasing the hours on the Roster

If you have any information or suggestions, please contact either Jordan Rozario or Ben Guest